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Get Registered for WA sports Pre Participation Now

Updated on 10/16/2023

Dear Parent/ Guardian, 

The Athletic Department at Wyoming Area Secondary Center now hosts their Pre-Participation Athletic Forms online with


. This digital platform will allow you, and your student(s), to complete and access athletic forms via computer, tablet, or mobile phone. It is HIPAA, COPPA and FERPA compliant. A link to the privacy policy is located at the bottom of the Sign in page at www.planeths.com. 

Parent and student must create separate accounts, using different emails and/or mobile numbers. 

Important: Students must be sure to create accounts using accurate information, including their Official Name from school registration, DOB, high school graduation year and school. 

You can click SELF HELP on the right of the screen for walkthroughs of the account creation, account linking, and athletic forms functionality. 

STEP 1. Go to


and click on the yellow login button in the top right of the screen . 

Once on the Login page, click on 

- OR - With a smartphone, follow the Quick Account Instructions on the second page of this letter. 

Note: if students are under 13, and they create an account, they must know their parent/guardian’s email address or mobile phone number. (COPPA COMPLIANCE) 

? Choose the type of account you wish to create. 

? Complete the requested information. 

? Be sure when choosing your school that you choose the school the student is attending. 

STEP 2. Link the Parent account to the Student(s) account. 

You will be led through this process after creating an account. If you do not link accounts at the time of account creation, you can always click the LINK ACCOUNT button at any time to complete or initiate the linking process. Parents can link to as many student accounts as they wish by repeating the linking invitation process. 

STEP 3. Complete Athletic Forms as Advised. 

Students with accounts may begin completing digital forms immediately. Parents must be linked to a student account to see the electronic version of the forms. If they are not linked, they will only see example PDF versions of the forms. You can complete forms or see their status at any time by clicking on the ATHLETIC FORMS button. 

For additional help please refer to the one-page help-guide below, access the complete online forms tips located in the light green bar at the top of the Athletic Forms page in your account or use the light blue self help button located on the right-hand side of your screen. 

Athletes cannot participate in sports until digital forms are complete and approved unless otherwise specified by your school. Forms will be valid for the entire school year for which they are filled out, with the exception of the physical exam provided by your physician which will reflect the policy set in place by your athletic department. Completing and having your Pre-Participation Registration Forms accepted by your school does NOT guarantee you have made the team. 

If you need assistance with PlanetHS or need more information, please consult the help documents found here https://bigteams.force.com/support/s/ or email schoolsupport@planeths.com. If you have questions regarding the content of form requirements, please contact your school Athletic Director. 

Thank you 

Wyoming Area Secondary Center Athletic Department 

*Quick Account Instructions for account creation via mobile phone: If you have not received a request to link accounts with your student; please use the code that corresponds to the school your student attends. If you have multiple students at different campuses, use the code that corresponds to your oldest student. Once you send the code you will immediately receive a text back with a hyperlink to create your account. (Msg & Data rates may apply.) 

Wyoming Area Secondary Center: via mobile phone send a text to 69274 containing S43979 in the message. 

(Text HELP to 69274 for more information. Text STOP to 69274 to opt out. Msg & Data rates may apply. The wireless carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. Number of messages vary per user).



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